South Korean Spiderman “erected” on side of mall

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BUSAN, SORTH KOREA – Spiderman can do a lot of things.

Like shoot web from his wrists. And crawl on walls and ceilings. But here’s another skill you didn’t know he had under his belt.

A statue in South Korea was “erected” on the side of a mall.

What’s even more awkward — it was hanging above a playground. Not exactly a PG-13 scene.

It’s now been removed from it’s creepy upside down perch after critics complained online about the lewd nature of the piece.

The artist, Eunsuk Yoo, was pressured by mall officials to either change the sculpture or take it down.

Yoo says he was trying to “naturalize the superhero in a comical way”

Whether you find the piece funny or just downright disturbing…

You’ve gotta admit — it does give a whole new meaning to “spidey sense.”




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