Spec’s rolls out the red carpet for the king of cognac

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HOUSTON, TX – With all the pomp and circumstance usually reserved for a visiting head of state, Spec’s in Houston rolled out the red carpet for the arrival of the king of cognac.

No, really, the king of cognac, Remy Martin’s Louis the XIII.

But not just any Louis. This was a decanter from Rare Cask 42,6.

Yves Delaunay is Vice President for Louis XIII: “It’s a cask that has a slightly more alcohol strength, 42.6, and also that present an incredible and extraordinary aromatic intensity.  There have been only 738 decanters that we could produce from this rare cask.”

This is the first decanter delivered to Texas, and it can be yours for $22,000.

That’s about what you’d pay for a new Mustang. Yeah, but you can’t drink a Mustang.

“Louie XIII to begin with is a very special glass of cognac,’ John Rydham, Spec’s owner told us. ‘But this one, it takes it to another level. A different alcohol level, a difference in the wood, it’s kind of like a private barrel selected from the best.”

This decanter has with a 22-carat rose gold ring around the neck, and it comes in a detailed, forged-metal strongbox sealed by a plaque that matches the ring around the neck. But what do you expect from a product that’s older than your great-grandmother?

“It is hundred-years-old,’ Delaunay said. ‘It took hundred years and four generations of cellar masters to produce the decanter we currently have here in Houston.”

So, this is probably not something to take to the next tailgate, you think?


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