Starbucks fiscal cliff coffee cup slogan

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Are you one of the lucky few still sitting at home, enjoying your time off?

We’re all busy back at work, but we can’t be too upset because while we’re doing the news-thing, one man (with a higher title, and a much bigger task at hand) is cutting his vacation short too!

Since the world didn’t explode on December 21st, President Obama’s still got this whole fiscal cliff thing to content with.

So, the President is cutting his Hawaiian holiday short. He’s leaving First Lady, Michelle, and his girls to have some fun in the sun while he makes his way back to Washington, where the cold isn’t the only bitter thing awaiting his arrival.

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, is hoping our elected officials’ time away brought about a new sense of teamwork and sticktoitivness.

He’s asking baristas at 120 D.C. area stores to write “come together” on the coffee cups they serve Thursday and Friday.

That’s the deadline for our elected officials to find some common ‘grounds.’ If they can’t, those widespread tax increases and automatic government spending cuts will kick in, and Starbucks coffee won’t be the only thing ‘steaming’ in Washington.

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