Sugar High: How much sugar should you give your kids?

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They say you are what you eat  and while we all want our kids to be sweet, our children's health is turning sour from all the added sugar we're feeding them.

The American Heart Association wants to say sayonara to our kids' sugar overdose and they just released a plan to boost our youngsters' well-being.

“So here’s the deal. Everyone is eating too much sugar because they don’t know what they’re eating," parent Jeffery Oliver said. "And even for the same price, you’d be surprised one (juice) is pure sugar, and one might be pure juice. It’s incredible.”

In the new guidelines, the AHA suggest having no more than six  teaspoons, or about 100 calories, of added sugar per day for anyone under 18 years old, which is less than half as much sugar that's in a normal bottle of soda.

[findthebest id="1K9OLYbvrUN" title="Overweight and Obesity Rates in 10-17 Year Olds" width="600" height="542" url="" link="" link_text="Overweight and Obesity Rates in 10-17 Year Olds | HealthGrove"]

“Foods that are really good for us and what give us energy, kids tend not to like. I think that’s the challenge. The challenge is to try to make the foods fun.”  parent Atra Boxie said.

According to the AHA, cutting some sugar out of an obese child`s diet drastically improves overall health in just 10 days.

But added sugar doesn't only mean sugar. It's also any sweetener that adds calories  such as honey, molasses, corn syrup.

In a world where groceries seem to be endless sugary stockpiles of processed products, high in calories and low in nutritional value, parents are having to work harder than ever to ensure their offspring's health.

“The hard thing is that you have to be as strong with sugar, almost as you are with television. When (my daughter) goes to school, for rewards they give her sugar and candy. My kid cannot get away from sugar.” mother Shawn Hamilton Brown said.

Remember, even the smallest steps will help get our kids on the right track.

What do you think? Are we eating too much sugar? Is this a realistic amount to limit your child to? What's your favorite type of candy?


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