Suspected Houston serial rapist, Charles Eric Davenport, arrested

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HOUSTON, TX – We all know there was a big manhunt in Boston. But Houston has been dealing with one of its own.

A serial rapist may finally be off the streets. Charles Eric Davenport is behind bars after a teenage girl connected the dots.

“Today, I am proud to announce a serial rapist that we had been in pursuit of for several months is now behind cold bars,” said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

The sheriff is happy, and so are a bunch of people on the north side.

“It makes me feel safer. I can walk without being scared,” said Eloise Rodriguez.

“That’s a blessing to have that person be gone off the streets like that,’ said Chante Lewis. ‘That’s real good.”

Davenport’s accused of raping seven women in north Harris County over the past year and a half, though so far he’s only been charged with one of the rapes. His victims? All are Hispanic escorts around 18-years-old.

The Sheriff’s Department says Davenport contacted the escorts either by phone or online, and lured them into vacant apartments where they were beat and sexually assaulted.

“He absolutely beat them. He beat them into submission,” said Lt. Ruben Diaz with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

That’s terrible. Now here’s something that’s shocking: they’re looking for a female accomplice.

“[We were] very surprised that a woman would be helping him. What would she have to gain?” said Diaz.

That’s a good question. But if this guy is the rapist, it looks like we all gained some peace tonight.

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