Texas HS graduation rates above national average

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HOUSTON, TX – Good news for the future of America! The national high school graduation rate is the highest it’s been since the 70’s. It’s up to 78.2%.

If you want even more of a reason to get up and dance, Texas is above the national average at 78.9%. That’s up from 73.1% in 2006-2007.

The stats come from the Federal Education Department and look at rates from 2009-2010.

So why the uptick?

Well, the economy is to blame for everything else, so why not this?

Education officials say there’s greater competition for new jobs. Kids must finally be getting it in their heads that they need to get a diploma to get the dough.

Some students at Houston ISD’s Jefferson Davis High School certainly got that message.

Senior George Pineda said, “I’ve already applied at several colleges. Right now I got accepted to A&M and UT, but University of Texas at Austin is where I want to be. I would like to major in petroleum engineering.”

Senior Hugo Rojas said, “Personally from my experience it’s been the best four years of my life. I mean, I learned everything here, and I feel like I’m really ready for college.”

Administrators are especially behind the initiative to get these kids across the stage.

Jefferson Davis High School Principal Jaime Casteneda said it’s “not one size fits all, therefore we gotta find ways to provide the students the means to acquire their education. Some of the feedback we’re getting from our students is actually they’re thanking us or not giving up on them.”

More kids equipped for the work force? Keep it up Lone Star state. After all, these kids are our future.

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