Texas lawmakers support marijuana legalization

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AUSTIN, TX – Speaking of high expectations, it looks like many folks here in Texas can’t wait to get high, legally high.

In an effort to join the joint trend, two Texas lawmakers are planning on re-introducing marijuana legislation as many times as it takes to bring Texas closer to Colorado and Washington.

We’re talking about Democratic State Representatives Harold Dutton, Jr. from Houston, and Elliott Naishtat from Austin.

Although, it might take a while until the Lone Star State legalizes marijuana. But that is not a problem for the potheads out there: they’re never in a hurry.

Public Policy Polling suggests 58 percent of Texans support making marijuana legal for adults and regulating it like alcohol; and an overwhelming 61 percent were in favor of decriminalizing marijuana possession.

Whether too much weed will kill you, chill you or make you an addict, that debate will never end. But one thing is for sure: prohibition has always created more problems than solutions.

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