Texas Senator hopes to increase car registration fees

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AUSTIN– Houston’s big and getting bigger! It’s been the top destination for U-haul renters to take a one-way trip for four years running.

But that also means more traffic, and while officials estimate it’d take 10 to 12 billion bucks a year to build new highways to reduce congestion, they’ve only budgeted $2.5 billion for 2015.

And don’t expect Governor Perry to dip into that Rainy Day Fund — he’s stingier with that than a chihuaua with a jerky strip!

So what do we do?  One senator says make Texas drivers pay for it!

Tommy Williams from the Woodlands, who heads up the Senate Finance Committee, suggests doubling the price we pay to register our vehicles. Instead of paying $50 to $60 bucks, he says we should pay $110 to $120. He also claims every $10 increase would bring in an extra $210 million that could be used for Texas roads.

Sounds pretty good, if the economy was booming. But look at your paycheck — does it seem much bigger than last year or even five years ago?

Oh, and of course, politicians lie. Back in the ’80’s, we all voted to bring toll roads to the city.  When they generated enough money to pay for themselves, we were told, they would all become freeways again. More than 30 years later, it’s never happened.

We all know there’s no state income tax in Texas, but doesn’t this increase kind of feel like a new tax? Caution, Senator Williams — your idea could be facing a bumpy road ahead.

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