Texas town sees worms in drinking water

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OLD RIVER-WINFREE, TX - When you turn on your faucet, what you want to see is clean water. That's not the case in the Woodland Acres subdivision of Old River-Winfree.

"There was worms in there," said Renata Elledge.

"Oh I was disgusted," exclaimed Sandy Cook.

Elledge added, "You're not supposed to have bugs in your water, you're supposed to have water, and minerasl, you're not supposed to have animals in there."

But since the beginning of the week, that's exactly what residents found coming out of their faucets, WORMS.  All, after a water outage that J & S Water Company told residents lasted for 16 hours.

"I jumped in the shower the second the water came back on without even thinking to check, then after that, you know how your skin crawls and you feel all creepy?" described Dawn Warg.

Old River-Winfree's mayor Joe Landry stepped in, "The water can't be used for drinking or bathing so the city had to step up. We bought water, make it available for the people who didn't have drinking water until we get that problem resolved."

"What really concerns me is that I have a baby. When he takes bathes, he doesn't know he's not supposed to swallow the water, so I don't know how much is in him," according to Elledge.

The J & S Water Company told NewsFix no one was available to discuss the issue.

"They have dropped the ball," said Mayor Landry.

So, for now, all residents are left with are signs instructing them to boil their water. Nasty!

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