The busiest travel day of the year is a rough one

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HOUSTON, TX – It could be that the fundamental difference between a man and a turkey is that a turkey knows better than to try and fly the day before Thanksgiving.

Well, Steve Sullivan has a solution for that. He’s taking his bird to Chicago with him, all wrapped up inside a cooler and ready to board his flight at Houston’s Hobby airport.

“My employer was nice enough to give us a turkey for Thanksgiving, along with some other stuff, and it seemed a shame to freeze it because we’re traveling to see family and we thought, ‘we’ll, pack it up good, it’s a nice smoked turkey and they’d enjoy it up North.'”

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the busiest travel day of the year, and this year got off to a fine start. Weather in the northeast delayed flights in and out of New York for hours.

“Crazy weather,” Sultan Tharrani said after arriving in Houston this afternoon, “having a lot of rain.”

Add to that storms in Denver and weather delays in Atlanta and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving travel day.

Here in Houston, the mess had settled down by lunchtime, making the folks who booked afternoon departures among the smartest of holiday travelers.

“I usually pick the afternoon flights, because I will forget something in the morning,” Tyler Tinnin admits.

But no matter how bad the weather, or how busy the travel-day, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the Wednesday rush. It’s practically a holiday all by itself.

“That’s the american spirit,” Tharrani says. “We have to travel means we have to travel, no matter what. Weather can’t stop us.”

And for the record, TSA will let you fly with a turkey. As long as it’s packed correctly and there’s no dry ice.

Go figure…



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