The Nevada range war is heating up with dogs, guns and tasers

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BUNKERVILLE, NV – There’s a shootout goin’ on in Nevada, but not with six-shooters, at least not yet.

Right now they’re using dogs, tasers and cell phones in this modern-day range war pitting Uncle Sam and his Bureau of Land Management gang against Cliven and Carol Bundy, known as the last cattle ranchers in Clark County, Nevada.

This all started about 20 years ago when Uncle Sam’s gang set aside land to protect the desert tortoise, and then tried to make the Bundy’s pay for grazing rights that have been in Bundy’s family since around 1870.

Uncle Sam says Bundy owes about a million bucks, so he sent in some boys with trucks and trailers to take away Bundy’s herd.

Supporters, armed with guns and signs, showed up to protest, but hot tempers and the desert sun aren’t a good mix.

The Bundy’s boy Ammon, says the BLM gang tased him twice, Ammon’s sister says a ranger hit her with his car.

The government rustlers ended up skeedadlin’, but everyone expects they’ll be back. It’s just a matter of when, and how many.

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