The return of H1N1?

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HOUSTON, TX — Another week, another death in Houston due to the flu.

Is it an epidemic? No one will say. Authorities don’t want to scare anyone.

But it raises the question: did you get your flu shot?

Alabama, Louisiana and New York all have widespread flu reports, but it’s our own Lone Star State getting hit the hardest.

A Houston teenager died of H1N1, adding another to the Texas flu death toll.

Kathy Barton from the Houston Department of Health and Human Services said, “H1N1 has circulated throughout the populations since 2009. It has never left, it just seems to be predominating this year.”

The teenager who passed away was the first Houston flu-related pediatric death this year, and one of several nationwide.

There are many ways to avoid the flu: stay away from sick people, wash your hands frequently, and to get a flu shot. Flu shots are what doctors are recommending above all else.

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