Tropical Storm Bill causes trouble around the Houston area

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HOUSTON, TX – Now that Tropical Storm Bill is history, many in the Houston area are relieved the weather depression didn’t do much blowing even though the storm did suck for some. It could have been so much worse! Folks over at the Estancia San Miguel, on North Eldridge and West Road, were some of the over 150 residents who lost power overnight in that area. Truly dark times for those feeling the wrath of bill.

But elsewhere, Bill really did put a damper on things. The all too familiar sight of flooding could be found on Fondren. Side streets were once again victim to high water. And over in Wharton County, 59 was closed in both directions due to rising water. But with its size (and media build up) Bill wasn’t so bad. Not very horrific, just more of a headache.

So Houstonians weathered through yet another storm. But with hurricane season just starting, one wonders what other disturbances are lurking out in the Gulf.

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