Trump Dump: Hacker group Anonymous leaks personal information on Trump

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WASHINGTON, DC –  The campaign trail may not be the Alamo, but who could blame Donald Trump for thinking he’s surrounded by the enemy with no help on the way.

On one side are conservative leaders of the Republican Party trying to figure out how to make trump the “ex” candidate and keep him from getting the party’s nomination.

House Speaker and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is high on some lists as a replacement to Trump, but he says he’s not interested.

Anti-Trumpers have even talked about unity ticket with Texas senator Ted Cruz and Ohio governor John Kasich.

At one time, Sen. Lindsay Graham had nothing good to say about Cruz, but now he’s willing to campaign for him just to stop trump. Talk about strange bedfellows.

On another side are leaders of nearly two dozen liberal groups signed a letter urging the party to unite against trump, which probably would help Hillary Clinton.

But now Trump has to worry about an attack coming from the Cloud.

The hacker group Anonymous claims it leaked Trump’s personal information, including his Social Security number, telephone numbers, location of a house in Florida, his agent’s name and phone number, and information about his children.

But as juicy as all of this may sound, it’s not new.

Most of this current Trump dump was already online, leaked last year, about the time Anonymous first went after Trump for his hard-line stance about keeping Muslims from traveling or immigrating to America.

While some people may think this is all great fun, others may be taking it a bit too far.

Someone sent a letter to one of Trump’s sons containing white powder and a note threatening trump if he doesn’t drop out.

The powder may have been lemonade mix, and appears to have come from Boston, postmarked March 7 before the anonymous Anonymous leak.

Between anonymous hacks and threatening mail, it looks like the real criminals are not the ones on the campaign trail.


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