TSA delays allowing knives on planes

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Traveling is tough. The luggage, the baggage fees and the other passengers! So, worrying about shaping up and shaving down before Transportation Security Administration sees everything your momma gave you is just another thing to put on your to-do list. However, passengers may actually have a say in how much of our naked body’s complete strangers at the airport are seeing in the name of security.

An article from The Verge says a D.C. circuit court ordered TSA to hold public hearings for its whole-body-imaging scanners over a year ago and they’re finally getting around to it. You can give the TSA a piece of your mind (since it’s your only body-part they haven’t seen with those Superman-type scanners) on the website Regulations.gov.

Don’t you know they’re getting an earful from all sides?!

With the government’s decision to delay the controversial rule that would once-again allow passengers to carry small knives on commercial flights, security is at the front of everyone’s mind and there are already hundreds of comments on the site.

Here’s the naked truth. By this summer the TSA body scanners will be replaced with less revealing version. They’ll show parts to a bomb, but not your private parts.

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