Vatican muzzles U.S. cardinals

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VATICAN CITY – A visit to the mother superior may be in store for some of the cardinals gathered at The Vatican and that’s because they couldn’t keep their lips zipped.

The cardinals who will choose the next pope have to take a vow of secrecy, which means they’re not supposed to talk with anyone not taking part in the general congregation leading up to the papal election. And, at The Vatican, no means no.

Thanks largely to the American cardinals; The Vatican has banned all interviews, especially news conferences.

That means the muzzling of cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Houston and Galveston and his Boston counterpart Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

The two are part of the North American College in Rome that hosted several press briefings, and even had one scheduled after the cardinals took their vow of secrecy.

Before The Vatican told the cardinals to zip it, Houston’s Cardinal DiNardo explained why he and the others were not so secret, “…to let people know, not just you, but to let our own folks know at home that we are meeting day-by-day, that there are interesting things happening, moving ahead, it’s that kind of thing. Maybe that’s more American.”

The cardinals may go silent, but the anonymous sources at VatiLeaks have their own vows, which call for exposing corruption within The Vatican.

They claim there are as many as 20 moles within The Vatican, and they say the Pope’s butler may not have acted alone in leaking the papal diaries, an act that sent him to prison.

Could he have had help from Co. Mustard, in the library, with a candlestick?

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