Veteran confronts phony vet panhandler

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TAMPA – In a video that’s gone viral, Garrett Goodwin—an army combat medic from 1994 to 2003—sees a panhandler in military gear. He goes up to the guy, and asks to see his veterans ID. Insert awkward interaction here.

“Show me your veterans ID card," Goodwin demands.

"I don't have one sir," the panhandler ultimately responds as he tries to scurry away.

As the video shows, Goodwin continues to go after the man to press the point.

"I would have made sure he had a place to live and food in his stomach and the services he needed," Goodwin later said in an interview with local TV.

Since exposing the (alleged) con and posting the encounter online, Garrett has gotten some praise and a bit of grief for his gruff approach.

"Some people have called me a bully on the internet and I think he's a bully--wearing a uniform, holding up a sign, walking up to people's cars in an intersection looking for money," he says.

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