Video shows a Channelview man cheating death by crossing underneath a moving train

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CHANNELVIEW, TX - People capture a lot of crazy stuff on video, but what was caught on camera is enough to make your heart stop! A Channelview man is seen cheating death, as he crosses "underneath" a moving train. Cesar Renteria, who owns a car wash right by the tracks, shot the shocking video.

Renteria claims he knows the man as "Chip", a drifter who he would occasionally hire to clean his shop. That is, until Chip started acting crazy. Now it looks like this wannabe daredevil has moved on to a more dangerous stunt. One that he might have done before. According to Renteria, "He told me he did it before. Like twice or three times."

The sick video is going viral. It's got a lot of folks worried for the safety of the man, and also worried about any youngsters out there wanting to copy this clearly crazy guy. Renteria just wants Chip to stop, "Please man, I love you. Please take care of yourself and try your best to not try nothing like that." Let's hope he does stop, cause the next time we do a story about Chip, it might have a very different ending.

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