Washington considers busting cellphone locks

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Don’t you hate how cell phone companies lock you into sticking with ’em by blocking your phone from being used with other carriers?

Sure, you can try and jailbreak it, but that also breaks the warranty. And unlocking it is technically illegal. According the CTIA, the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, you can be fined up to a million bucks and spend ten years in prison if you’re caught doing it for financial gain.

Ridiculous, right?! I mean — you buy the phone. It should be yours to do with as you please.

Well, it seems folks in the White House agree. In response to a We the People petition, they said consumers should be able unlock phones and even tablets “without risking criminal or other penalties.”

One senator even introduced a bill to make it law. Ron Wyden, a democrat from Oregon has been a big supporter of digital freedom. He tweeted: “You bought it. You should be able to use it. My Wireless Device Independence Act ensures you can unlock your device.”

That seems pretty logical, unless you’re a big cell phone company who wants to lock folks into using ‘their’ cell service without having to work to keep customers.

Now it’s up to Congress. We can only hope they break their gridlock to ‘unlock’ these phones.

If they don’t, it might be time to tell ’em to stick it where the SIM don’t shine!

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