Who is Alex from Target? Meet the Latest Internet Star

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If you woke up this morning and looked at Twitter you probably wondered, “Who the h*ll is Alex from Target?” The number one trending hashtag is #AlexFromTarget.

So who is this Alex guy?

According to Urban Dictionary, Alex from Target is "a hardcore pimp who recently gained fame as an Instagram sensation for reasons beyond the comprehension of any sane person."

So he’s not an actual pimp but is definitely one online. Alex seems to be a nice guy who works at Target who suddenly became famous after Twitter user @auscalum posted a photo of him in his uniform.

In less than 12 hours Alex was an internet sensation. There were Memes, Tumblr pages, Vines, even a song after him.

Alex realized he was an internet celebrity Sunday night. He seems a little freaked out, of course, but appears to be taking everything with a pretty good attitude.

There are no words. It never ceases to amaze me what starts trending online. Yes, Alex from Target is cuter than your average checker. Maybe he’ll land a commercial gig out of the deal. Only in this tech age would the internet make some random kid famous in 12 hours.

Hopefully this trend will be as short as a teenager’s attention span. Let’s be real we have more important things to hashtag about. Like #Vote! Tomorrow is Election Day after all.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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