Woman blind in left eye after being licked by cat

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TOLEDO, OH - Playing with your pet may seem pretty harmless, but for one Ohio woman it was literally blinding.

"I woke up one day and I couldn't see out of my left eye," said Janese Walters.

For more than a month, doctors just couldn't figure out what caused Walters to go blind all of a sudden, but things got a whole lot clearer after they found out about her feline friend.

Turns out, she had cat scratch, a bacteria that's passed along by cats and kittens through their saliva or fur.

"Anything that's exposed to the cat's mouth, including you know, if you happen to have a little scratch that the cat just licks that's how you can get it," said Kristopher R. Brickman, M.D. of FACEP/University of Toledo.

Apparently, only about 40 percent of cats carry it. It's not harmful to them, but it can do some major damage to humans.

"It also can cause some liver issues. It can get into the spinal fluid and create meningitis," said Brickman.

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