Woman fired for having premarital sex

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EL CAJON, CA – Folks get fired every day– for showing up late, stealing from the company, or just suckin’ at their jobs. But a college in El Cajon, California, actually had the cajones to fire a woman for having premarital sex!

Teri James worked in the financial aid department at San Diego Christian College when she and her boyfriend decided to engage in a little unwedded bliss. As so often happens, Teri wound up preggers. Two months later, she got the ax at work.

How did the school find out? “They told me that they had heard from multiple sources,” said Teri.

You know feminist attorney Gloria Allred couldn’t wait to sink her fangs into this one. “The HR director said she was not being fired because she was pregnant,” Allred said. “Instead, she was being terminated because she had pre-marital sex.”

In their defense, the college does require students and employees to sign a “Community Covenant” contract stating they won’t engage in “sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex, adultery, pornography and homosexuality.”

But then the school turned around and offered Teri’s boyfriend a job, knowing he was the ‘baby daddy.’ Can you say, “gender discrimination”? Gloria and Teri sure can. So they filed a lawsuit.

“I feel what San Diego Christian College did to me was hurtful and un-Christ like,” Teri said.

Funny thing is– some of the students at the college don’t agree. Like Cassidy Martin, who said, “I don’t want to say she deserved it because that’s kind of harsh, but I mean, I know what the rules are, and so I know also the consequences.”

But what about “Judge not lest you be judged”?

All we can say is: God help the judge who has to rule on this case!


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