Working on Christmas brings holiday joy

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HOUSTON, TX - While many were waking up early to unwrap gifts, we can't forget about those who got out of bed to work on Christmas day.

Working on a holiday might not be everyone's first choice, but it doesn't mean you have to have a blue Christmas.

"It feels good.  I'm not home with my family, but this is my second family, so it's just as important to me," said restaurant worker, Desiree Calderon.

That's the spirit.  With the majority of people staying in, at least it's an easy day of work, right?

Restaurant manager, Khaled Khalaf said, "they don't mind coming in on Christmas day.  It makes the customers happy, it makes them happy.  That's the most important thing.  It's a joyous time of year, everybody's in a good mood, and it puts a smile on their face."

Nothing worse than a grinch stealing your joy.  Luckily, these workers are taking the day in stride.

"As far as today goes, it's celebration of the Lord's birthday and that's what I'm concerned about, is celebrating that," Michael said on the job.

As the day winds down, remember to be thankful.

"They're very kind, helping us out.  They're working while we're having our day off," said Antonio Herrera, a customer.



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