Worry about a movie being a bomb, not about a bombing

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Editor's note: Grego's advice to go see the movie was written before Sony decided to cancel releasing the movie "The Interview" on December 25.

Grego gives his two cents on hackers who have threatened to bomb theaters for showing the movie "The Interview."

"I don't go to a lot of movies, don't like theatre chairs that a million butts have occupied, but many people do enjoy movie going. and many have allowed themselves to be rattled by threats of violence from hackers from a foreign land. North Korea being the prime suspect. Threats are  including the actors themselves and Sony over the new movie 'The Interview.'  Fact is North Korea  likes to saber rattle and make threats. In March of 2013 after the U.S. flew two  stealth bombers to South Korea as part of a major military exercise and reports were that Kim Jong Un and his military were plotting for their missiles to hit military bases in South Korea and U.S.-owned ones in the Pacific Ocean. It was complete with pictures of 'lil Kim in the warroom! In March 2001, daddy Kim Jong Il threatened 'thousandfold revenge' on the U.S. for a 'black-hearted intention' to disrupt its peace dialogue with the south. In 2010, Pyongyang promised a 'retaliatory sacred war' after being blamed for the sinking of a South Korean ship, which killed 46 sailors.  In 2012, when tensions became heated again with the south as they promised to reduce Seoul to ashes. They, also, taunt periodically with missile launches. Just like telephone tough guys, my gut says these e-thugs (if they are indeed Kim Jong Un defenders) are all talk. Don't be afraid, go to the movies, just maybe not 'The Interview' since Rotten Tomatoes only gave it two out of five stars, and if you are afraid, then the good news is, at least 'The Interview' won't be in theatres long!"



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