10-day forecast: Rainy Wednesday, but cooler air comes in, along with gusty winds


HOUSTON (KIAH) — Wednesday morning, we’re going get our money’s worth because we’ve got that big line of storms out west that is headed our way and the main threat here is going to be some brief heavy downpours we could see up around an inch or so as this comes through.

And there also may be some pretty strong wind gusts is already had a history of some winds over 50 miles per hour in a few locations.

We do have a little bit of scattered rain coming through. But this is pretty minor compared to what eventually is on the way.

So, a couple parts to our weather story is that first of all, this morning. We’ll get that line of storms coming in I’d say 8-10 a.m. is when most of the action is going to sweep through Houston. Once we get to this afternoon, the rain is gone, so let’s put that aside.

After the storms pass through, we’ll get some sun breaking out this afternoon. Winds will be breezy and are cooling. We’ll begin over the next couple of days, we still have some significant weather mainly in terms of the wind and those cooler nighttime temperatures.

Winds will increase even more on Thursday, and you maybe should bring in your Halloween decor for today with these storms coming through because those winds are again to be strong on Thursday.

It will be still kind of a breezy day on Friday, but we’ve got a string of sunny days that’s going to last right into the weekend. We’ve got cooler temperatures coming our way. I was really tempted to put us at 49 degrees on Saturday morning, but I’m going to put it at 50 for Houston.

But just a little bit outside of the city, it’s a pretty good bet there’s going to be some 40s in several parts of southeast Texas on Saturday morning.

We get into Sunday and Halloween, then here’s another important part of the forecast right everyone wants to know what’s going on Sunday evening. We’re going to be 81 degrees during the day, so it will be really comfortable dry air for Sunday.

Next week, it actually looks like another front could be on the way that will be something to focus on.

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