Rainfall today will slightly relieve drought conditions for the coastal regions of SE Texas including Galveston County, Matagorda County, and Brazoria County. These locations are currently experiencing drier than normal grounds and are being classified as a region of ‘moderate drought’, D1. Coastal rain is in the forecast for today, bringing relief to these locations.

Impacts of a D1 Drought: (According to the National Drought Mitigation Center)
– Dryland crops are stunted

-Early cattle sales begin

-Wildfire frequency increases

-Stock tanks, creeks, and streams are low; voluntary water restrictions are requested

In Harris county, most of our grounds are under a D0 drought. This just means we are seeing abnormally dry conditions. Impacts are not all too ‘impactful’ just yet.

Characteristics of a D0 drought: (According to the National Drought Mitigation Center)

-Supplemental feeding for livestock begins

-Grass fires increase

-Surface water levels decline