FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (KIAH) Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has issued a Public Notification Form for Wastewater Discharges for a half-mile area from the source of a spill in a small part of Friendswood. “Those that are on a ground water or well system are subject to the boil water notice,” the Gulf Coast Authority said Tuesday.

The spill happened on Sunday April 30, around 12:10 p.m. and it’s on-going according to the TCEQ. The estimated amount of water spilled is around 100,000 gallons off domestic wastewater.

“Those on the City of Friendswood water system are not impacted by the boil water notice,” Glenda Faulkner, City Manager’s Office.

The impacted location is around 500 feet north of the intersection of Tyler Court at W. Bay Area Blvd in Friendswood. Residents in the 77546 zip code are directly impacted by this notice. It was carried out from storm water drains, which then spilled to Clear Creek.

Only those in the impacted areas on a ground water or well system. within about a half mile of the location, are strongly advised to only use water that is distilled or use rolling boiled water that’s been boiled for at least one minute. That’s the only water that should be used for personal uses like drinking, cooking, bathing and tooth brushing.