Tornado tears through Texas City


Grab-N-Go in Texas City.

TEXAS CITY (CW39) UPDATE 1/8/2021: A tornado was confirmed in Texas City and destroyed a store. It also caused damage to area schools. CW39’s meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin has an in depth update about that in this new CW39 NO WAIT WEATHER video. Have a look…

1/7/2021 A possible tornado has destroyed the Grab-N-Go in Texas City. The structure endured extreme damage to the building where exteriors were torn off by strong winds.

Winds were so strong, that the concrete cinder blocks were strewn all over the lot, that were the side of the building, that are no longer standing at this point. Damage to this building was so severe, the building appears to be split in half, leaving the structure and foundation of the building to look quite shaky and unstable. There is a lot of damage to the front of the building as well, leaving the business inoperable.

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Google images of the Grab-N-Go in Texas City prior to Wednesday’s storm

Many of the homes in the area were without power overnight. That has since been restored. Many other structures were fortunate in that they didn’t have this extreme damage. An apartment complex behind the gas station did not have any damage.

Google images of the Grab-N-Go in Texas City prior to Wednesday’s storm

Local authorities have quarantined the street so no one can enter the street or the area nearby.

CW39’s Shannon LaNier is LIVE throughout the morning with LIVE look at the storm damage after storms rolled through the area Wednesday. Here’s a look.

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As the sun came up over the area, area residents came out to to talk with Shannon LaNier, who was live on location all morning long. They shared their stories about what their heard and how they managed to stay safe as what they believe was a tornado, hit their apartment complex, the Tradewinds Apartments.

Here’s a look:



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