HOUSTON (KIAH) — Strong storms develop across the south this morning spawning severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings. Mississippi and Alabama is seeing the worst of it this morning as hail up to 1″- 1.25″ in diameter is being depicted on radar. That is anywhere between quarter and golf-ball sized.

This complex of storms is typically referred to as a MCS (Mesoscale Convective System), essentially a cluster of storms acting as one BIG severe storm. Typically these pose damaging winds, embedded tornadoes, hail, and training lines of rain that create flash flooding.

The south is not in the clear of stormy weather for tomorrow either. Another round of severe weather is expected to stretch from Northeast Alabama into the central eastern sea board. The Storm Prediction Center is once again highlighting areas for an ENHANCED risk of severe weather, a level 3/5.

SPC Outlook – Wednesday Storms