HOUSTONTexas  (KIAH) – The cold front continues to chug along SE Texas counties. Approaching the midnight hour winds will begin to funnel in from the north behind this front between 20-25 mph, enough to possibly wake you up in the middle of the night or make the dogs nervous. The colder air is dense, and will lag behind the shift in wind direction. Impacts to our temperatures will not be noticed greatly until Thursday afternoon and especially into Thursday night.

Wind chill will become a factor Thursday morning. 15 mph N winds will make our low to mid 40s feel like middle 30s. The afternoon will bring the slim chance for wintry mix throughout our region. Air temperatures will be near 40 for Houston, closer to the freezing mark to our north. Where the cold temps and moisture merge throughout the entire atmospheric column is where we will find the potential for cold rain, sleet, freezing rain, and even a few flakes. When you are dancing along the freezing line, you can sometimes get a little taste of it all.

Moisture availability peaks Thursday evening/ night and slowly diminishes on Friday. The will leave us only with bone chilling cold temps by the morning and no precip to track. Temperatures in town drop to freezing on Friday morning.