What to plant in November for your spring garden and what you can pick now


In the fields at Wood Duck Farm

HOUSTON (KIAH) – Apples, strawberries and figs, among others are ripe for the picking, but what should you plant now for a sweet and savory spring garden? Meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin talks with a local farmer about best practices for harvesting in the month of November.

Starting with strawberries… “They grow the mother plants in northern California and Canada through the summer and they dig them up using machines. What we get are thousands and thousands of bare root strawberry plants,” Weldon said.  

Weldon is the owner of Wood Duck Farm in Cleveland, TX. Bare root strawberries are one of many crops planted by Texas farmers in mid-November.

Others include cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, spinach, and Swiss chard. These are all cold tolerate or “cold hardy,” meaning strawberries are resilient to the snaps of frigid air we get from time to time in the winter months. Strawberries normally are harvested early March. 

“Assuming the weather cooperates which is always an unknown factor,” Weldon adds.  

They proved their strength last year! 

“They came back with a vengeance; they were just ready to rock and roll,” says Weldon.

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Carrigan’s take 

In my opinion… Picking is always more fun than planting… So, what do we normally harvest in mid-November? Tomatoes for one, and of course pie pumpkins! Just in time for Thanksgiving. Others include… Beets, bell peppers, squash, and carrots. Van said overall this year, he had a good fall harvest. And I’ll ‘cheers’ to that!  

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