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HOUSTON (KIAH) Strange laws come out all across America and we’re here for it! So we wanted to list 10 weird laws we came across within the U.S..

  • It’s illegal and considered harassment to send a surprise pizza delivery to someone’s house in Louisiana, or anything else for that matter, that ISN’T a gift. If they don’t expect it, but have to pay for it, you can’t send it.
  • It’s illegal to give, sell, do away with, even use, use stink bombs in the state of Alabama.
  • It’s illegal to let your donkey (yes, you ready that right) sleep in a bathtub in Arizona.  The law was passed due to a random incident in 1924, involving a donkey, a tub, and a flood.
  • If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, and Vermont, you may remember the beautiful panoramic drive. That’s because it’s illegal to have any billboards whatsoever in these states. It’s an attempt to preserve “scenic beauty.”
  • They say never throw stones at glass houses. Well, it’s illegal to throw stones in the District of Columbia at all. That goes for all streets, highways, open spaces, and public areas.
  • If you’re ever in search of getting your fortune told, don’t go to Baltimore, Maryland. There, it’s illegal to do any fortune telling.
  • It’s illegal to frighten a pigeon in the state of Massachusetts. Killing them is also illegal. Do it, and you could face a month in prison or receive a $20 fine.
  • It’s illegal to fall asleep while lying down in a cheese factory in South Dakota. 
  • You ball? Then be careful in New York because it it illegal to throw a ball at someone’s head in New York for a laugh and that’s not funny.
  • Does your gas tank stay on ‘E’? Then don’t go to Youngstown, Ohio, where it is illegal to run out of gas.  It’s NOT a felony thankfully but you could get a misdemeanor ticket.