President Trump addresses seniors in Florida, Joe Biden delivers remarks in Michigan

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WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — Friday was another day of concentrating on the battleground states for President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The campaign stops come a day after the candidates took part in dueling town halls

Biden is in Michigan and Trump is in Florida, but the president also has an event Friday evening in Georgia, a state Republicans have not lost since 1992, but one Democrats hope to flip in November.

In his first stop of the day in Fort Myers, the president warned seniors of a dim future if the Democrats win.

“We cannot allow unscientific, panic-driven, fear-based policies to deny our children and grandchildren their future and their dreams. Left wing lockdowns will crush America. My plan will crush the virus,” Trump said. “The vaccine’s getting ready to go. Seniors will be the first in line for the vaccine and we will soon be ending this pandemic.”

Later, he said Florida virus cases are declining, but they are actually on the rise. Yesterday’s 3,300 cases reported were the highest number in a month, according to the Florida Department of Health.

In Michigan, where the state today reported the highest single-day number of new cases since the start of the pandemic, Biden says the president doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“He said we’ve turned the corner, turned the corner, it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse!” Biden remarked. “He makes fun of [me] wearing a mask. He refuses to social distance and puts his supporters in such jeopardy.”

At a big rally in Ocala, Florida Friday afternoon, the president complained about high tech companies, Biden’s son Hunter, Hillary Clinton, the news media and his treatment at last night’s town hall.

At a drive-in rally in Detroit Friday evening, the former vice president urged the crowd to stand with him.

The president is on the stage Friday night in Macon, Georgia — his third stop in a long day of campaigning. NewsNation will have our own poll on Georgia this coming Monday, and it may shed some light on why the president devoted precious campaign time to what has been a reliably red state.

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