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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — COVID-19 has affected all of us and an effective coronavirus vaccine could impact us even more.

NewsNation spoke to people in downtown Chicago to see if they’d be willing to take the vaccine once it’s available.

“Yes I will. I’ll be one of the first ones to get the vaccine. I think we all need to get the vaccine to really get rid of this and be safe to open back up. We get vaccines for everything nowadays so I think one more added to our list is only just saving us from everything.”

Sepiedeh Paydar

Not everyone sees it that way, pointing to safety concerns — especially around how quickly it’s being developed and tested. Moderna says early data suggests its COVID-19 vaccine almost 95% effective

“No, I would not. One — I don’t feel it’s been tested. I’ve had COVID, I’m not afraid of it. I don’t feel it’s something we need to run and hide from, so no I don’t trust it. I honestly do not trust the makers of the vaccine — I have very strong opinions on this COVID, I do.”

Marguerite Stewart

“That’s a tricky question. I guess it just depends on the results that come out. Personally, I really wouldn’t trust it because there’s so many theories about the whole COVID thing — so it’s something to think about before actually getting the vaccine.”

Pricila Ortega

Pfizer: New data shows vaccine may be 90% effective at preventing coronavirus

“I’m a nurse and vaccination is the way that we’ll actually protect the public. I’ll certainly get a vaccine once it’s available and I know what the profile of the risk is, but just at the moment, they’re saying it’s successful — but you don’t know what the risk level is. I’m not prepared to take something I don’t know anything about — it’s as simple as that.”

David Benton

However, for some people — it’s as simple as wanting to get back to some type of normalcy.

“Yes, I will. It’s not worse than wearing this [mask] every day. I don’t think anything will be more terrible wearing this trying to breathe — it’s better than just not doing anything at all. It’s better than keeping things still and nothing is happening, let’s give it a try.”

Sakinad Danjuma