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(The Hill) — Celebrities are decrying the Supreme Court’s “devastating” decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, predicting the reversal will lead to a “public health crisis.”

In a 6-3 decision by a majority of conservative judges, the Supreme Court struck down the nearly 50-year-old constitutional right to an abortion. In overturning the landmark 1973 decision, the court handed states the authority to limit or ban abortions.

Many entertainment figures joined a chorus of critics of the ruling, taking to social media to condemn both the decision and the justices themselves.

“It doesn’t end here,” actor and former talk show host Busy Philipps — who in 2019 testified before Congress in support of abortion rights — said minutes after news of the ruling broke. “F— this sham. F— these people. If you’re a single issue voter and your issue is your taxes, f— you too,” the “Girls5eva” star said.

“People will still get abortions,” said “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi. The author wrote that the Supreme Court decision “will only prevent safe, legal abortions from taking place.”

Former President Barack Obama speechwriter and “Pod Save America” co-host Jon Favreau called the ruling an “enraging, tragic catastrophe,” saying it will “endanger the health and lives of millions.”

“No one, not the government, not politicians, not the Supreme Court should prevent access to abortion, birth control, and contraceptives,” the band Pearl Jam wrote to their 3.5 million followers on Twitter.

“How dare they,” Bette Midler said as she reacted to the Roe v. Wade decision. The “Beaches” star, an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump and Republicans, called out the Supreme Court, saying it “is absolutely tone-deaf to the will and even the actual needs of the American people.”

“They did it. THEY DID IT TO US!” she tweeted.

“Severance’s” Patricia Arquette also took aim at the court, tweeting, “This Supreme Court is an absolute disaster.” She added that “we saw it coming.”

Alyssa Milano — who last year told ITK she was weighing a possible Democratic congressional run — called Friday a “sad day for America” that would “have deadly consequences, with the harm falling hardest on people of color who already face disproportionate discrimination in our country and grapple with a severe maternal mortality crisis.”

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, one of Hollywood’s top Democratic donors, compared the ruling to a “dystopian sci-fi.”

“The legacy of the 2016 election and the indelible mark of the GOP is printed here in black and white. How much farther this will go once again depends on American voters,” MacFarlane said. “Blame extremism or apathy, but this is America.”

Elizabeth Banks called the decision “devastating news for families,” who “believe the government should not decide when and with whom they become parents.”

But the “Pitch Perfect 2” director predicted there was more to come, saying, “This is not the end of this fight for human rights.”

Academy Award winner Viola Davis said she was “gutted” by the ruling, but urged her followers to use their “voice and power.”

“WE the people……,” she added.