HOUSTON (CW39) — Planned Parenthood is responding to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.

On Instagram, the organization said they are offering information on claiming abortion-rights despite the outlawing of the process.

“The Supreme Court just ended our constitutional abortion-rights — but you can count on us to fight to make sure you get the care you deserve,” the Instagram post said. “Your local Planned Parenthood might still be providing abortion-rights even if they ban may soon be in place.”

When someone calls the number provided in the post, a Planned Parenthood representative is telling callers in need of abortion-rights services, that they are no longer booking appointments at Planned Parenthood. People with appointments as decisions were made, they were sent home.

Call centers said the organization is now suggesting that anyone needing to receive abortion-rights care should travel outside the state of Texas, suggesting they go to states like Colorado, New Mexico, and Florida.

Planned Parenthood is also advising that there is likely a plan to ban abortion-rights for the long-term in both Texas and Louisiana. The organization is already following protocol that would adhere to the ban.

Insiders say Planned Parenthood is monitoring the media and any other resulting laws that may take effect impacting abortion-rights in other states.