What viewers got out of the first presidential debate between Clinton, Trump

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HOUSTON -- It started with an awkward handshake, but quickly turned into a showcase of sniffles and strange shoulder shimmies.

In their first of three presidential debates, White House hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went toe-to-toe.

Trump seemed to come out swinging at first, hitting Hillary hard with bad trade deals she supported. Trump said to Clinton, "You called it the gold standard of trade deals."

For many debate watchers, the Donald also delivered after bringing up Clinton's missing emails. "That was not a mistake. That was done purposefully," Trump said about the scandal. But then many noticed a turning point during the battle.

Clinton fired back at Trump for failing to release his taxes and alluding that he might be hiding something, saying, "The only years that anybody has ever seen were a couple of years, and they showed he didn't pay any Federal Income Tax."

But after all the finger-pointing and mud-slinging, it's the strange sights and sounds from the debate that have people talking the most. Like Trump's run for the White House getting "trumped" by his runny nose. The sniffles quickly spawned a GIF that spread throughout social media quicker than the common cold.

Clinton also caused a commotion online, after shaking off one of trumps attacks. Her shoulder shimmy seemed to take spotlight in the debate.

So we all got a good laugh out of this first face off. Sadly, that probably won't be the reaction for many after one of these two candidates gets voted into office come November.


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