Poll: New TX senator Roland Guiterrez pushing to legalize cannabis to fund border projects


HOUSTON (CW39) Texas Senator-elect Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat from San Antonio is filing a bill to legalize cannabis and medical marijuana in Texas.

Cannabis was just legalized in Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota and Arizona. Should Texas be next? Newly-elected lawmakers are trying. Over 500 bills have been filed in Texas, in effort. Thousands more will be filed by January, ahead of the next legislative session.

Meanwhile, Gutierrez’s bill allows possession up to 2.5 ounces on one’s person anytime and would allow up to 12 plants per home home. 21+ would be allowed to purchase from newly licensed retail businesses that in his bill, would sell marijuana and products containing THC, the main intoxicating substance in cannabis.

Gutierrez’s bill also says Texas would tax and regulate sales of marijuana. Revenue generated by sales of marijuana fund Texas border projects that would benefit the state.

Senator-elect Guiterrez said in a tweet that his bill would raise $3.2 billion and create 30,000 new jobs without a tax raise.


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