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HOUSTON (KIAH) — Here at CW39 Houston, we have been honored to showcase some of the most dynamic women in the Houston and surrounding area. Out of over 70 women, the choices were narrowed down to several finalists.

These women come from different backgrounds and different walks of life. Our Houston finalists are truly dynamic. Last month, each one of them were highlighted, in stories each week. They are not just role models, but also making a difference in the community.

On April 5, CW39 had the honor of unveiling our local winner of national competition. She receives a donation to their favorite charity. CW39 anchor Sharron Melton talks with our winner, Sharon McDougle, Sharron was able to surprise with the announcement that she had won.

As the winner of Houston’s Remarkable Women, CW39 Houston is awarding $1,000 to be donated to her favorite charity. Unveiled Aspirations is her charity of choice, where they empower women/girls and strengthen and empower families through conferences, educational seminars and family events.

See McDougle’s reaction to finding out she was our winner, in the video below:

About Sharon McDougle

Sharron McDougle grew up on Mosspoint, Mississippi in humble beginnings. She joined the service, which led to her long career with NASA. She worked in the space shuttle crew escape equipment department — dressing astronauts in orange pressure suits that they would wear when they launch and when they come back home.

I was the first black suit technician in that department, where they process those suits, prepare them and get them ready, test them and actually help the astronauts be able to put the suits on.

Sharon McDougle

When she was a Remarkable Women finalist, she broke barriers she never even imagined, making history, as a first on many levels in the field of space exploration. Watch the video below to learn more about McDougle as she talks with Melton about her career and her experience as an author.

Here, she tells Sharron about her amazing life and career…

McDougle and her team strapped astronauts in when she was a suit tech and became the first woman crew chief and the first black crew chief. She then became the manager of that department where she began her career with NASA.