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HOUSTON – Rani Puranik’s title alone is remarkable. She’s the CFO of Worldwide Oilfield Machine, which is in 15 locations around the world and has 3,000 employees.

But her journey to get here is even more remarkable. Growing up in India, Puranik graduated with a Business Administration Minor and an Accounting Degree.

“Then I had a career in dance, leadership, mentoring, for about 12 years, in India,” said Puranik.

Then in 2012 at the age of 40, she “spun” into a different path.

“I got my MBA at 40. So, I had to kind of reinvent my whole life at 40 when I returned to Houston, where I’m originally from,” said Puranik.

Two years later, Puranik completed her MBA in Finance from Rice University and went on to work for the company her father founded, Worldwide Oilfield Machine.

Just like any of us, she had to work her way up within the company, traveling the world and getting to know the business.

“Honestly, since 2016 I was promoted to Global CFO. And this is really what my journey is about. Again, it came very unexpected. I didn’t know I was going to join the business again. The business is a family business, started by my father about 40 years ago. So, I grew up in it and I guess I was destined for it as well,” said Puranik.

And Puranik is a very strong woman. Not only is she a minority by being a female CFO in a male dominated industry, she’s also ethnically a minority, being born in India.

“You’ve got kind of a double minority label around you. It was always a little challenging. One thing I’ve learned is that no one can argue around excellence. If you prove your success time and time again, merit will stand so strong,” said Puranik.

Puranik is also the Executive Director of her family’s foundation, which helps under resourced children in India. She has many roles, but she says her greatest one is being a mother to two beautiful daughters.

“Things that I have learned being a mother to my two daughters is that watching them grow made me realize that it’s true, as girls, as women, we’re continuously changing and evolving in our roles. And just to be able to partner and grown with that gracefully, it’s remarkable,” reflected Puranik.

Puranik says her greatest piece of advice is to accept the changes in your mind, body, and soul.

“Just to be able to accept the changes with so much grace and love,” said Puranik.

Grace, love, and acceptance, that’s what makes Rani Puranik a leader and remarkable woman.