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HOUSTON – For over 40 years Crime Stoppers of Houston has helped to prevent and solve crimes in our area. The non-profit is unique in the work that they do. And so is their CEO, Rania Mankarious.

Originally from Boston, Mankarious decided to make Houston her home by rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty. She made it her personal mission to serve families and engage the public all to better society.

“We’re in every neighborhood trying to talk about crime trends and issues that are impacting communities,” said Mankarious.

Despite being an attorney with a master’s degree, Mankarious decided to take an internship at Crime Stoppers of Houston in 2006.

Over the years she quickly made her mark within the organization and eventually became CEO in 2018. Just this past year, Houston Business Journal named her as one of the most admired CEO’s
and now this year she’s being recognized as a remarkable woman.

“It means the world to me to just be recognized for our work and to be called a remarkable woman makes me very emotional, given the fact that I’m raising three little girls. it just means everything, and I cannot put into words how much i appreciate it,” said Mankarious.

She hopes to be an example to her young daughters. When asked what advice she would give on what it takes to be a remarkable woman, Mankarious replied, “For me it’s about doing the work. And doing it with standards and ethics. With determination and dedication. I can get 100 “no’s” in a day and I’ll wake up the next morning really ready to act like I’ve never received a no in my life.”

And it’s not about the ego, in fact she gives so much credit to her team and the volunteers.

“I understand what I’m capable of. I embrace my weaknesses. I know my faults. And I’m proud of my strengths,” said Mankarious.

She says it’s been a blessing to do this job as a woman and representing a city that she loves so much.

“And the outcome. the outcome of our work is the safety of all! It makes me so proud, especially now when crime and crime trends are at the core of almost every conversation that’s taking place,” said Mankarious.

As far as remarkable women who have had an impact on her life? She says there are so many.

“From my own mother, who came to this country and immigrated in the early 70s and raised us with such strong values and work ethics, to the many women who have shaped me, growing up in Boston, to some of my personal mentors here.”

Each day, Mankarious says she feels blessed. “I certainly walk in the shoes of other women who have paved the way and I just hope I make them proud.”

There’s no doubt about it, she continues to make Houston proud and is truly a remarkable woman.