Remarkable Woman Finalist: Meet Ro’vin Garrett a public servant with a heart bigger than Texas

Remarkable Women

HOUSTON – Ro’vin Garrett was born and raised in Angleton, Texas. The community she went on to serve, spending 36 years in the Brazoria County Tax Accessor’s Office, 20 of those years as the Tax-accessor Collector.

She recently retired from that role, but not from serving her community, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Garrett started by volunteering with “Actions” in Brazoria county, which helps area seniors.

“I helped package hand sanitizer and disinfectant and made labels for the bottles. I did grocery shopping and delivered meals,” said Garrett.

She also connected them with her church for additional resources. Garrett then reached out to the Salvation Army in Freeport, which has housing.

“Those people had nothing to do with the lockdown. So, I bought some puzzles and board games,” said Garrett.

She didn’t stop there. Garrett reached out and donated to “Brazos Place”, the only female drug rehab facility, in the state. Garrett also volunteered at the food bank, anything to help her community.

“It’s nothing I consider extraordinary. I just wanted to try what I could do,” recalled Garrett.

But it is extraordinary! In fact, one of the seniors she helped is who reached out to us to nominate Garrett as a Remarkable Woman.

“I don’t feel I do anything for any recognition. I just did,” Garrett humbly replied.

Besides being humble, Garrett is a woman of faith and believes in giving back. She’s also a mother, grandmother, and daughter. When asked what it takes to be a remarkable woman, Garrett gets emotional.

“I think a remarkable woman is to have an example. And I do need to bring in my mom. She’s 93-years-old. She lives with me,” Garrett said.

She says her mom gave her everything that she has.

“As far as faith, as far as right and wrong, as far as being able to be who you are. She’s remarkable. A widow with three children who just survived. And took care of us. And she was the best mother anybody could ever, ever have. Now she has dementia really bad, and can’t communicate with me, so I don’t have those conversations with her anymore, but I owe a lot to my mom,” Garrett emotionally replied.

Garrett says her faith in God came from her mother too. That’s part of what she says it takes to be a remarkable woman, along with having a mentor.

“Just recognizing what the right thing is to do. And if you can, to do it. I’ve not been perfect, never been perfect. But I tried to do the best I can,” said Garrett.

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, and so is this Texas woman’s heart!

Ro’vin Garrett truly is remarkable.

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