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Marci Corry is a wife, a mom and the founder of an app designed to save lives.

Many of us realize distracted driving is a big problem, but Corry is actually doing something about it.

“I found out about a college guy that was out for a jog and another college student was driving and instantly killed him, just by sending a text and I thought ‘you know, that’s not what we want for our culture and for our city’ and so that’s kind of when this whole idea came to life,” explained Corry.

Marci started the app Safe 2 Save to encourage people to stay off their phones while driving.

“The way the actual app works is you get two points for each minute you are going 10 mph or more and not messing with your phone,” said Corry.

Then you can redeem the points for free meals or discounts with online stores. It all started in College Station and now the app has 294,000 users.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how hard our team works to help make this expand and change culture and swim upstream like little salmon because it’s not socially cool to put down your phone,” said Corry.

Cool or not, it is worth it— and here in Houston, we have a lot of room for improvement.

“I pulled a report that showed all the cities and listed out who is the most distracted in the nation and Houston is no. 1,
Dallas is no. 4. We have a huge job right now to turn the cultural tide,” explained Corry.

When the idea for Safe 2 Save came about, Marci was a stay-at-home mom with no app development experience. She admits it hasn’t been easy, but she went for it and that is remarkable.

“It’s worth it because we know that lives are being saved every day,”

Marci was nominated by her coworker, Suzanne Badger.

If you download the Safe 2 Save app, they’ve created a special sign-up code for Morning Dose viewers. Just type in “be remarkable” to earn points and get started!

Remember this is the first of four finalists, so stay tuned these next three weeks to hear the stories of the other remarkable women who were nominated. One of these ladies will be selected to go to New York and be part of the Mel Robbins show!