HOUSTON (KIAH) Life hasn’t always been easy for The Women’s Fund Executive Director Linda Rhodes.

“Along the way, there’s been lots of challenges in my life,” she said. “But I’ve always tried to stay positive, and working for The Women’s Fund has made me realize that not all women have that.”

Now in her tenth year with that organization, she and her staff of five help women and girls improve their overall health through the power of resiliency.

“Research shows that resilient people are more likely to overcome overall health challenges,” Rhodes said. “And it does affect your overall health.”

She estimates that The Women’s Fund has helped between 60 and 70 thousand women and girls since Rhodes took over as the agency’s leader, but she puts all of the credit on the women who work under her.

“I’ve got a great team,” Rhodes said. “What makes me happy and what makes me shine is the fact that my staff shines.”

She’s been nominated and has even won awards that are similar to the Remarkable Women award, but this one caught her by surprise.

“When I got it, I’m like, ‘I’m not that remarkable,” Rhodes said. “I’m just a person that does what they have to do.”

And she does it in hopes of inspiring others to do the same — like Rhodes’ 13-year-old granddaughter that she and her husband are raising.

“Every time there’s some kind of awards presentation, I make the effort of taking my granddaugther out of school, because I want her to see what strong women — independent women — look like,” Rhodes said.