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To say that being a parent is challenging is an understatement, but you can lighten the load in many ways. Child-raising challenges will always be there, but the right parenting products can help you tremendously and give you peace of mind.

If you look hard enough, you’ll discover a few hidden gems that can make parenting more manageable. Whether you need a swaddle or a hooded animal baby towel, the key to finding them is determining what can help you in your day-to-day parenting life.

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The best products to look for

Plenty of parenting products can make your life easier, but before shopping, it’s best to consider what best suits your needs. For example, a parent of a newborn will have different needs than a parent with a toddler. In any case, the best products are gentle on kids, help them feel comfortable and promote quality sleep.

Parents should also keep an eye out for products that can help them keep things neat and tidy, such as car seat organizers and travel trays. That way, it’s easy to keep track of items such as toys, books, tablets and snacks, making cleanup much more manageable and less hassle.

Best parenting products 

a hooded baby towel (beige) with a lion head on the hood

Natemia Hooded Baby Towel

This towel will keep your child dry and warm when fresh out of the shower, pool or splash pad. It’s made with durable bamboo, absorbs water three times faster than cotton towels and has a cute animal face on the hood, which you can choose from a lion, bear and others.

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a wooden baby brush with soft bristles, a wooden baby brush with hard bristles, and a wooden baby comb

Natemia Premium Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Maintaining your baby’s hair can be challenging, but this set is perfect for getting it done without hurting their soft skin and helps prevent cradle cap. It comes with three accessories: a soft scalp brush for babies, a wooden comb for longer hair and a stiff bristle comb for toddlers.

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a black car seat cover on a car seat

Simka Rose Car Seat Covers

This multifunctional cover is excellent for shielding your baby from sunlight and for privacy during nursing. It’s lightweight and breathable, with an opening for checking in on your baby, and the stretchy fabric allows it to fit over almost any car seat. Plus, it’s available in 17 colors.

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3 silicone baby bowls - green, blue and gray. There is also a baby spoon.

Upward Baby Bowls

These suction bowls are excellent for babies starting to eat solid foods. They have handles for quickly pressing them down and a sticky suction base that lets them stick to almost any surface to stay in place as your baby eats. Also, the set comes with a teething-friendly spoon.

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a travel tray that straps on the back of a seat in a car. It has an iPad and some toys on it. There are mesh pockets on either side of it. The desk/table portion is also a whiteboard.

Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray

Riding around with your kids means they’ll likely make a mess with their toys or food in your back seat, but this travel tray can keep things tidy. It has mesh pockets, a tablet stand and a cup holder and works great for car, train, bus and airplane rides.

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An organizer that straps to the back of a driver's seat or passenger's seat. It has lots of pockets that fit things like an iPad, toys, and sippy cups.

Lusso Gear Heavy Duty Back Seat Car Organizer

Keep your car organized with this back seat car organizer. It’s heavily reinforced to hold many toys and accessories and has pockets for keeping things such as books, plastic bottles and food. It has a tablet holder compatible with iPads and adjustable straps to attach to any car seat.

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a white Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

This smart bassinet is a must-buy for parents who want their baby to get the best quality sleep possible. It automatically responds to baby fussing with increasing motion and womb-like sound to let your baby sleep up to additional 1 to 2 hours. Also, it’s excellent for sleep-training babies transitioning to cribs.

Sold by Happiest Baby

a Snoo Organic Sleep Sack with a blue tie-dye design (one of many designs)

Snoo Organic Sleep Sack

This sleep sack was created by a top pediatrician and designed for superior safety. It’s an ultrasoft swaddle sack with wings that clip into Snoo bassinets to secure babies and prevent them from rolling over. Plus, it’s machine-washable and available in four sizes and 17 colors.

Sold by Happiest Baby

a black double jogging stroller to hold two kids

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

Those looking for a heavy-duty stroller will not be disappointed with this jogging stroller. It can accommodate two kids and features a suspension system with air-filled tires that lets it smoothly ride over any terrain. It has 10 storage pockets, a cellphone handlebar and a cargo basket.

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A sleep tracking monitor camera and a phone showing the accompanying app.

Miku Pro Contact-Free Breathing and Sleep Tracking Monitor

You want peace of mind when you lay your baby down to rest, which you’ll get when you use this contact-free monitor to keep an eye on them. It records in full high-definition and provides your baby’s respirations per minute and breathing waveform in real time.

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A really cute baby wearing a gray sleep sack with white stripes on it.

Woolino Baby Sleep Sack

This sleep sack is made from soft Merino wool and guarantees your baby’s comfort. The temperature-regulating fabrics keep your baby cool or warm based on the environment, and the double shoulder snaps and two-way zipper system allow access for quick diaper changes. Plus, it comes in 14 colors.

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A Willow Go Breast Pump and a smartphone showing the accompanying app.

Willow Go Breast Pump

The neat thing about this breast pump is its cord-free, under-bra design that lets mothers discretely and effectively pump breast milk anywhere. It offers hospital-grade suction power, two pumping modes and a rechargeable battery lasting up to three sessions. Also, the Willow app lets you control pumps, start, stop and change suction.

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