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Which beach bags are best?

Beach trips are rarely as simple as just going to the beach. You usually need to gather a variety of items, such as sunscreen, towels and beach toys. A beach bag can help carry everything you need and help you stay organized. Plus, beach bags are usually made with some manner of sand and water resistance in mind.

What to know before you buy a beach bag


The best beach bag is one that comfortably holds everything you need — a towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, your phone/wallet/keys, water bottle, etc. These items can take up a fair amount of room and heft, so be sure to find a bag that’s sturdy and solid.

If you’re packing light, grab a small beach bag; these are usually called totes. If you’re packing for two or more people, make sure everyone’s belongings can fit without straining the bag’s seams. However, it’s better to bite the bullet and take another bag than risk a rupture from an overstuffed bag.


Most beach bags have more than just a main compartment. However, these bags usually cost more; if you don’t need extra organization, save money by buying a bag with just the main compartment.

That said, organization comes chiefly from pockets, though the size, shape and features of pockets vary dramatically. For example, some pockets are more like sleeves and can only hold your phone. Others take up an entire side of the bag and are zippered and waterproofed for keeping wet clothes or a used towel away from other items.

Keep in mind that exterior pockets are rarely protected from sand and water, and interior pockets limit your main compartment’s space. Avoid buying a bag with more pockets than you need.


The best beach bags have some kind of water-resistance. This can come from the natural resistance of its material or an added water-resistant or waterproof layer, such as PVC laminate. Not all beach bags have this feature; if you intend on setting up close to the water, double-check that you have this protection.

How much you can expect to spend on beach bags

Small, basic bags typically cost around $10 to $30, with better bags costing up to $50. The best and largest bags cost up to $100. Bags more expensive than this typically come from big-name fashion brands.

What are the best beach bags to buy?

best Bang And Carsen Extra-Large Beach Bag With Zipper

Bang and Carsen Extra-Large Beach Bag With Zipper

This extra-roomy bag is great for packing up everything your family needs, plus the interior lining is waterproof. It has an exterior zippered pocket for your phone and keys and comes in dark blue and light blue.

Sold by Amazon

best Bluboon Waterproof Beach Tote

Bluboon Waterproof Beach Tote

This bag has a roomy interior waterproof pocket for stashing away used towels and wet clothes to keep your other items dry on your way home. It comes in 14 designs.

Sold by Amazon

best Esvan Large Beach Bag

Esvan Large Beach Bag

This bag is good for getting up close to the water’s edge thanks to its water-resistant outer layer and two mesh side pockets. It has three zippered interior pockets and comes in 28 designs.

Sold by Amazon

best Fasrom Extra-Large Beach Bag With Zipper Bottom

Fasrom Extra-Large Beach Bag With Zipper Bottom

This bag’s bottom is two-tiered; it has a mesh layer inside and a solid external layer that zips open and closed to remove accumulated sand. It has several pockets, some of which are secured by zippers or buckles.

Sold by Amazon

best F-Color Beach Bag

F-Color Beach Bag

Unlike some mesh bags, this bag is made entirely of mesh, so no grain of sand can get lodged in a crevice or one of its eight pockets. It can hold up to 160 pounds.

Sold by Amazon

best Genovega Extra-Large Beach Bag

Genovega Extra-Large Beach Bag

Organization is easy with this bag thanks to its four interior pockets, large exterior pocket and roomy main compartment. It also has a magnetically sealed top flap.

Sold by Amazon

best Hibala Beach Bag

Hibala Beach Bag

This bag is made from jute, a vegetable fiber, with a laminated layer of PVC for water resistance. It comes in a staggering 36 designs, many of which include a fun keychain.

Sold by Amazon

best Hoxis Beach Tote

Hoxis Beach Tote

This small mesh tote is perfect for a solo trip to the beach. It has a roomy interior side pocket and a durable nylon base, plus it comes in 13 colors.

Sold by Amazon

best Ledaou Beach Tote

Ledaou Beach Tote

This tote is stuffed with pockets inside and out and is big enough to hold several beach towels at once. It’s also water-resistant and sand-proof, and it comes in 20 designs.

Sold by Amazon

best Ozchin Beach Bag

Ozchin Beach Bag

This bag is all about the nautical theme thanks to its thick rope handles, canvas outer layer and white-on-blue anchor design. It zips closed and comes with three different-sized waterproof bags.

Sold by Amazon

best Qogir Beach Bag

Qogir Beach Bag

This bag has two large zipper-sealed water-resistant inner pockets. It comes in large and extra-large sizes and in 24 designs, some of which include a miniature bag.

Sold by Amazon

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