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Which planner is best for homeschooling?

In 2020, homeschooling became a norm for many families, with students across the country doing remote learning from home instead of going into school. Even though many schools have returned to in-person learning, some parents and students have chosen to stick with homeschooling to suit their needs better. 

Because homeschooling requires a lot of hands-on work from parents, having a good planner is vital. Homeschool planners are different from other types of lesson planners to accommodate all of the variables at play.  A top homeschool planner is The A+ Homeschool Planner, a practical planner with extra resources for parents.

What to look for in a homeschool planner

Building and carrying out a home curriculum for a child is time-consuming and challenging, and the right planner should attempt to make that easier. The best homeschool planner for you will fit your planning style and conception of time and best suit the student’s learning style and age. 

For those new to homeschooling, a planner that offers more features and organization might be more important than one with a high degree of customizability. It is also crucial to have easy access to resources. Be sure to research a planner before you purchase it to determine it meets your needs. 

What to think about before buying a homeschool planner

Digital vs. analog

Analog planners are popular for their stability and user-friendliness, but there are also a variety of digital planners on the market. Some parents or home educators choose to use a combination of both for maximum organization.

Needs of students

Kids of different ages and learning abilities are going to have different academic needs. Some planners will better suit young, elementary school-age children, while older students will have their own planning needs.

On top of that, families may have different homeschooling considerations depending on the number of children. For example, a family with six kids and a family with one may have different methods and systems.

Style and flexibility

The most popular planners are either spiral-bound or traditionally bound, but other options, like three-ring binders, are also available. The best style for you will depend on the degree of customizability that you want.

Layout and subjects

The layout and theme that works best for you depends on your needs. Some planners include plenty of writing space, while others have a more defined layout. Similarly, some planners contain specific subjects and themes, while others allow users to fill in their own.

Homeschool planner prices

Homeschool planners can run the gamut of standard planner pricing with most ranging from $5-$15. However, the more additional features and the higher quality the printing, the pricier the planner will be.

The 5 best homeschool planners

A+ Homeschool Planner

The A+ Homeschool Planner

This planner is easy to use and good-looking. There are no preprinted dates, making it great if you don’t follow the traditional school schedule. However, it lacks a spiral or binder spine, making it a little less customizable than other planners. It is especially great for those new to homeschooling, including a valuable resource section and other features that offer helpful advice. 

Sold by Amazon

 Schoolgirl Style Academic Teacher Planner

Schoolgirl Style Academic Teacher Planner 

This planner is as cute as they come. It’s brightly colored and comes with similarly colorful sticker tabs, making it especially compelling for younger students or home educators who want a little extra cheer. It includes weekly and monthly calendars and also allows you to fill in the dates yourself. Spiral binding and perforated easy to tear off pages make this fairly customizable. That said, the front and back covers could be a little heftier. 

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The Peaceful Press Homeschool Planner

The Peaceful Press Homeschool Planner

This planner integrates the “home” part of homeschooling very well, including spaces for lesson plans and general family and life plans. It includes some spiritual and religious sections, which may appeal to some customers. The design is elegant, and the planner is undated and spiral-bound for flexibility. 

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Larry Zafran Complete Homeschool Planner and Journal

Larry Zafran Complete Homeschool Planner and Journal

This is a great, straightforward option for those who want a planner for classes and subjects. It’s traditionally bound, not spiral-bound, which makes it less customizable. It does not have as much writing space as other options. 

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BooQool 2021 Planner - Jan-Dec 2021

BooQool 2021 Planner – Jan-Dec 2021

The most customizable option on this list isn’t technically a dedicated homeschool planner but a standard yearly planner. However, the weekly sections have plenty of space for lesson planning. For those who want to design their lesson plans as they see fit, this is an uncluttered planner designed for maximum utility. 

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