Which storage clipboard is best?

Storage clipboards are commonly used in offices, warehouses, and other commercial settings. But no matter where you’re planning on using your clipboard, deciding what you’re hoping to store inside it and what kind of environment it’ll need to withstand are two key elements of getting the most out of your purchase. 

The Rocoff Heavy-Duty Aluminum Storage Clipboard offers a robust, durable build for long-lasting use and handy storage compartments likely to suit almost anyone’s needs.

What to know before you buy a storage clipboard


The best clipboards are those that provide the most use, so identifying exactly how you’re planning to use your storage clipboard will be helpful. Whether you need it for the office, your art supplies, or something else entirely, you’ll also want to think about the items you need to store. For example, some storage clipboards have dedicated compartments for things like pens, pencils, tape and notepads — sometimes even items as large as a laptop.

Metal vs. hard plastic

The most common materials used to make storage clipboards are metals and hard plastics, and your choice will largely depend on how durable you need them to be. If you’re looking for something to use inside a warehouse, for instance, it may be good to go with metal rather than plastic. But some plastic storage clipboards offer slimmer, more versatile designs that can be helpful for those who need the utmost in portability.


While all storage clipboards include an external clamp for clipping papers and other objects, as well as some method of storage, other options are up to you. Nurses and other medical professionals may prefer a storage clipboard that opens from the bottom, while others may need a side-opening storage clipboard, a legal notepad-bearing unit or one with additional compartments — and there are many other types.

What to look for in a quality storage clipboard

Storage compartments

A quality storage clipboard might include smaller, internal storage compartments. Finding a clipboard with multiple storage compartments can be helpful for those needing to store pens, pencils, tape, art supplies or other stationery items.


Durability varies, but even the softest of plastic storage clipboards usually holds up better than the average clipboard without storage, while protecting your precious goods inside. If you need it to hold up against harsh atmospheres, consider purchasing a metal clipboard.

Portable and easy to hold

Although storage clipboards are made to carry several items at once, they also need to be portable and easy to hold. Some storage clipboards are heavy and bulky, and may not be thin or malleable enough to easily store in a backpack or other bag. Others, however, are lightweight and simple to take on the go — worth considering if you’ll travel frequently with your clipboard.

How much you can expect to spend on a storage clipboard

While a single storage clipboard may cost as little as $8, bulk packs of 4-6 units typically range from $20-$40, making the price a little lower in the long run. Additionally, you can find some specialty and high-quality storage clipboards available in single packs for $15-$30.

Storage clipboard FAQ

Are storage clipboards cheap?

A. They are one of the more affordable office supplies, especially if purchased in bulk — and in plastic.

Do they make storage clipboards for kids?

A. Yes, in a wide range of decorative color and design options.

What’s the best storage clipboard to buy?

Top storage clipboard

Rocoff Metal Aluminum Heavy-Duty Storage Clipboard With Stationery Compartments

Rocoff Metal Aluminum Heavy-Duty Storage Clipboard With Stationery Compartments

What you need to know: Along with its super-durable aluminum build, this aluminum clipboard with storage features tons of space, large enough for a legal notepad and other stationery items.

What you’ll love: For such a reasonable price, this storage clipboard offers one of the most durable, spacious options out there, even featuring convenient compartments for pens, pencils, tape or other useful items. It includes a powerful self-locking clamp that can hold up to 120-sheet packets.

What you should consider: Some who bought this clipboard said the edges were a little bit sharp.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top storage clipboard for the money

Officemate Slim Charcoal Storage Clipboard with Pen and Pencil Compartment

Officemate Slim Charcoal Storage Clipboard With Pen and Pencil Compartment

What you need to know: Those on a serious budget or needing something more portable will love this plastic storage clipboard, offering a slim, plastic design with notepad, pen and pencil storage.

What you’ll love: It’s hard to beat this storage clipboard’s price, especially for something that includes at least as much volume as the average storage clipboard — along with an added pens and pencils compartment that snaps closed.

What you should consider: This plastic storage clipboard isn’t as durable as those with metal construction.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Officemate Carry All Sturdy Storage Clipboard Box with Inner Compartments and Straps

Officemate Carry All Sturdy Storage Clipboard Box With Inner Compartments and Straps

What you need to know: For those who need something a little less traditional, this clipboard with storage features a durable plastic design and tons of space for office supplies, arts and crafts or other, slightly larger, objects.

What you’ll love: This storage clipboard comes at a fair price, and is perfect for artists, students, or others who need a durable, spacious clipboard. Along with a convenient handle, this model comes with straps for laptops, paper or other flat objects, as well as side compartments and a wide volume of storage.

What you should consider: Some buyers didn’t like this clipboard’s clamp as much as those of other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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