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The right array of products for your pet bird can enrich its life, making it happier and more relaxed. If you’re looking to spoil your pet bird, any of these next-level products are great choices — from perches and treats to toys that encourage natural behaviors, such as chewing and preening.

In this article: Super Bird Creations Four-Way Forager Bird Toy, Petlex Bird Bath for Cage and Bird Kabob Carnival Two-Pack.

Types of bird toys

Toys are great for spoiling your bird. The most common bird toys include chewing toys, preening toys, climbing toys and problem-solving toys.

  • Chewing toys: Birds need to chew to keep their beaks in good condition. Providing appropriate chewing toys also keeps birds from chewing things they shouldn’t. 
  • Preening toys: Preening toys let birds use their beaks in a similar way as they would when preening a mate. Not only do they provide mental stimulation and help alleviate boredom, but they can also reduce feather plucking.
  • Climbing toys: Some species of birds naturally spend time climbing in shrubs and trees, while others walk on the ground a fair amount. Climbing toys help exercise your bird’s feet and legs in lieu of these behaviors.
  • Foraging and problem-solving toys: These toys encourage birds to solve problems or forage for food in elaborate ways. They’re great for providing mental stimulation, which is essential for intelligent creatures such as birds.

Other products for pet birds

When you’re looking to buy your pet bird something nice, toys aren’t your only option. These are other great products for birds.

  • Treats: What bird won’t be pleased with some extra-tasty treats? Just choose something suitable for the type of bird you own.
  • Perches and swings: An elaborate perch or a nice swing can liven your bird’s enclosure, making it more enriching.
  • Mirrors: Although they’re not always suitable for larger birds, such as macaws and Amazon parrots, smaller birds often find mirrors an engaging form of enrichment and are unlikely to get too attached.
  • Baths: Birds who love splashing around in water and bathing themselves are sure to love having quality baths in their cages.

What to look for in pet bird products

Here are some factors you should consider when selecting products for your pet bird.

  • Safety: Your bird’s safety should be your top priority. Always buy quality toys with good reviews, ideally from a known and trusted manufacturer.
  • Size: Pet birds can range in size from petite species like canaries to large parrots, such as macaws and African greys. You should make sure whatever products you choose for them are appropriate for their size.
  • Boredom-busting: Not all products for birds alleviate boredom, but many do. Birds are intelligent animals and need plenty of enrichment to keep them happy.
  • Encouraging natural behaviors: Many toys are designed to encourage one or more natural behavior, such as foraging, preening and chewing.

Best products for pet birds

Best Super Bird Creations Four-Way Forager Bird Toy

Super Bird Creations Four-Way Forager Bird Toy

Featuring four clear acrylic cups with liftable lids, this toy encourages birds to forage for treats, providing them with fun and enrichment. It’s carefully designed for safety and suitable for medium to large birds, such as Senegal parrots, Amazons and medium conures.

Sold by Amazon

Best Jusney Bird Rope Perches

Jusney Bird Rope Perches

Thanks to their wired interior, you can bend these soft rope perches into shape to offer maximum fun and interest for your birds. Changing them up regularly helps with enrichment, and your options are unlimited since you can quickly and easily change the shape of the perch.

Sold by Amazon

Best Mrli Pet Play Stand for Birds

Mrli Pet Play Stand for Birds

This play stand helps birds exercise and keep fit, which is important when they’re not able to engage in the natural activity patterns they’d have out in the wild. It is made from natural wood that hasn’t been treated but is sanded down extremely smooth so it won’t hurt your bird’s feet.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hoorito Bird Training Toy Set

Hoorito Bird Training Toy Set

If you’re looking for a lively way to challenge your parrot’s or parakeet’s intelligence, this set of training toys might be just the thing. Featuring a range of items, such as basketball hoops and balls, ring-stacking toys and shape puzzles, this set provides opportunities for your bird to problem-solve.

Sold by Amazon

Best Petlex Bird Bath for Cage

Petlex Bird Bath for Cage

Birds who love to bathe will adore this bath, which features a main tub and a smaller basket that clips inside. It also has a battery-powered pump that circulates water from the tub out through a faucet and back into the tub, perfect for birds that like to play under running water.

Sold by Amazon

Best Canada Bird Toys Parrot Chew Toy

Crmada Bird Toys Parrot Chew Toy

This elaborate chew toy features an array of wooden blocks and pieces of rope for birds to chew and tear. It’s perfect for parrots and available in medium and large sizes, so you can pick whichever is best suited to the size of your bird.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bird Kabob Carnival Two-pack

Bird Kabob Carnival Two-Pack

Suitable for all types of hookbill birds, these swing toys are made from a type of soft-pithy wood that birds love to get their beaks into and destroy, satisfying the need to chew. Birds can sit comfortably on the perch to chew on the wooden beads.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bonka Bird Toys Wibbly Ball

Bonka Bird Toys Wibbly Ball 

Brightly colored with an interesting texture, these balls are appealing to parrots and have a smooth surface that’s easy to keep clean and hygienic. They’re designed as foot toys for parrots that pick items up with their feet, including conures, quakers, African greys and others of a similar size.

Sold by Amazon

Best Super Bird Creations Bagel Cascade Bird Toy

Super Bird Creations Bagel Cascade Bird Toy

Perfect for medium to large birds, such as Amazons, mini macaws and small cockatoos, this toy features 24 cardboard bagels on a plastic support core. These bagels are great fun for birds to chew and shred, and the core is refillable, so you can add more when your bird gets through them.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bvanki Colorful Rainbow Bridge Parrot Toy

Bvanki Colorful Rainbow Bridge Parrot Toy 

Thanks to the bridge design, your bird can use it as a perch as well as a chew toy. It’s made from natural materials and colored with food dye, which is safe and nontoxic.

Sold by Amazon

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