HOUSTON (KIAH)- Christmas is right around the corner and there may be some dangers in your home for your furry family members.

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe this holiday season:

  • Do not give pets the fatty skin on meat as it can cause painful inflammation called pancreatitis. Sharing dinner bones can lead to emergency surgery. Instead, give them plain green beans and other veggies, turkey or chicken breast, and pet-friendly treats.
  • Some Holiday items found in homes can harm your pets. Like lighted candles, chocolate, alcohol, and mistletoes. Keep those as far away from your pet as possible.  
  • Changes in a pet’s routine over the busy holiday can create anxiety. Pets can also pick up on your holiday-related stress, so try to maintain at least part of their daily schedule. 

Sometimes pets are looking for additional water sources and so they may go to the bottom of the Christmas tree and get water. Make sure you keep a tree skirt around the Christmas tree to avoid your pet getting into the water that could have added chemicals.

Dr. Roberta Westbrook, Chief Veterinarian at the Houston SPCA

Pets also love opening gifts, include your pet in the celebration.